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Posted by Annette on 31-Jan-2014 at 15:06:36 EST
Subject: Missing My John Deere Angel

I will be the first the leave an Angel wish on our TCF Angel wish page. It is hard for me to believe I am one week from the 4th Anniversary of the worst day of my life. I am sad, the memory never goes away, sometimes it is worst than other days but I AM OK! It was the first step on my New Journey; and if I can help one person feel comfort or Peace then I know I am on the right path of my Journey and I honor my precious Angel child and I know he is smiling down from above in his John Deere Green. This Journey brought me to the TCF group of the Roanoke Valley and hopefully you also can find the Love and support i have found with them. I miss you my John Deere Angel but I AM OK!